Calendar Magic


Complete calendar and tools pack


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Calendar Magic is a very curious application where we can join several interesting tools. Though they are mainly focused on dates and calendars.

First of all we will see the actual date in 21 different calendars, offering us, data having to do with moon phases, onomastic, ready-to-print calendars,...

If we want to know the situation of any location or country, we can insert the correspondent data and its proper calendar will be shown, so we will be able to know the exact hour in any place in the world.

If we write our birth date, Calendar Magic will show us all data related to the day we were born, Chinese horoscope, the day of the week, our age following different calendars,...

It includes other tools that can be, at least, curious, for example we can know the exact distance between two cities, use a powerful scientific calculator, alarms,...

And, if all this is not enough, it is for Free.
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